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Gas Fireplaces

Beauty Fires offers a wide range of gas, wood burning and biofuel fireplaces.

We have two types of gas fireplaces in our stable namely ventfree (novent) and vented (with chimney). The most effective of the two types of gas fireplaces would be the fluless gas fireplace (ventfree). It requires no chimney and burns at almost 100% efficiency. These fires must be installed by a registered gas installer and in accordance to your local municipal bylaws.

Wood burning fireplaces are considered to be the very first biofuel fireplace as it uses wood, nature’s biofuel. Wood fireplaces have evolved over the years from being very large open hearth structures to being closed combustion eco-friendly fireplaces. These closed combustion fireplaces are mainly manufactured using cast iron and are predominantly from European countries. They offer users optimum heat output and run on less fuel than its open hearth predecessor.

Beauty Fires offer a selection of wood fireplaces that are unique in both open hearth and closed combustion designs. Mostly imported from Europe these fireplaces are available in various designs including suspended, freestanding, built in and dual sided fireplaces.

Beauty Fires also offer an exclusive range of outdoor wood burning fireplaces and wood burning indoor & outdoor ovens.

Biofuel fireplaces or also bio-ethanol fireplaces are becoming the fireplace of choice around South Africa and the world. These biofuel fireplaces burn using denatured Ethanol sourced from Sugar cane , Sugar beet , grapes and maize. Bio-Ethanol fireplaces are environmentally friendly as they have a carbon zero footprint.

Beauty Fires are the South African market leaders in the biofuel fireplace industry. We offer bio-ethanol fireplaces from all over the world and are proud to say we designed the first proudly South African biofuel burner. Designed and manuafctured locally these fireplaces offer you the flexibilty you need.

Biofuel fireplaces burn free from smoke or unpleasant odours. They work vent free which means they require no additional venting if placed in the correct room size. Being a ventfree or a novent fireplace means everyone can have one of these fireplaces. Perfect for apartments whether you own or rent. Biofuel fireplaces also does not require any fixed fuel supply in the form of gas pipes which means you can have a mobile fireplace! Perfect for people who rent and wants a fireplace but cant install one. Biofuel fireplaces – keeps nature smiling and your conscience clear.

Visit our fireplace showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg to see more.


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